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REAN is a Neutrik AG owned subsidiary. The REAN connectors go through the same rigorous QC that the more expensive connectors go through. The difference in price is largely due to where they are produced and subtle changes to the finish. At Ampman Audio Services we have been specifying these cables for more than 2 years with no failures whatsoever. The cables perform exactly as expected with no performance degradation. They are an alternative to expensive cables when used in installation and have proven road worthiness, don't be fooled by the price! We will gladly refund you if you're unsatisfied with any pre-made cable bought from us. Please read our terms and conditions.
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REAN DMX Lead 3-Pin 1M
Product Code: LEDMX3N1M
£7.03 (inc. VAT)
REAN DMX Lead 3-Pin 3M
Product Code: LEDMX3N3M
£8.54 (inc. VAT)
REAN DMX Lead 3-Pin 5M
Product Code: LEDMX3N5M
£10.72 (inc. VAT)
REAN DMX Lead 5-Pin 5M
Product Code: LEDMX5N5M
£13.18 (inc. VAT)