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Wearable Social Distancing Tool. An Innovative technology approach and visual aid, to keep your safe distance. Helps prevent the spread of COVID-19

One | m+ – Social Distancing Defined

A Powerful, projected laser line.​​​​​​​


Keeping a safe distance helps to reduce the chance of infection from COVID-19.

Often it’s hard to remember or to determine the safe distance.

It’s easy with One | m+

One | m+ is a personal wearable distancing solution that projects a daylight viewable laser line in front of the wearer.
This ensures social distancing is observed and understood – by defining a physical distance for the wearer.

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Compact wearable device.

One | m+ is so small and lightweight that it can be worn discreetly on any item of clothing, effortlessly blending in with your outfit while still giving you peace of mind for hours on a single charge of its built-in battery.

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How you wear your One | m+  is up to you.
Simply attach it to your choice of clothing with the easy-to-use magnet badge or even put it on your keyring or desk. Adjust the distance of the projected line according to our simple three-step instructionsand you’re ready to go.

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No matter the time of day or location, One | m+  will project a perfectly visible laser line to ensure you remain perfectly safe and can maintain physical social distancing.

projected laser line

Simple and effective

At under 38g and measuring similar in size as a car key. One | m+ allows you to keep it on your person for when required – integrated key ring, belt clip and key fob all allow you to use the One | m+ in a variety of ways.

It’s easy to use and simple to turn off and on when required.

Even though One | m+ is small it projects a very bright beam onto the floor and will make others pay attention.

Key Ring Clip

Designed and Manufactured in Britain

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One | m+ is made and manufactured in Britain.
Parts are sourced locally where possible.
Manufacturing is provided by state-of-the-art aerospace engineering using the latest technology and machinery.

Contents – What’s in the Box

1 x One | m+
Social Distancing Tool with HD Laser Line using LITE LINE Technology™

1 x Universal Key Ring / Clip
for horizontally and vertical implementation (clothing, belt, pocket, desk stand ….)

1 x Split Ring for Key Ring

1 x Magnetic key fob / badge
(can be used to secure device to a number of surfaces and through clothing)

1 x 1m USB Cable
(can also be used as a measurement guide)

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