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Fully featured sound level meter and acoustic analyzer from NTi. This unit has a rapid start-up time - it is possible to measure the sound environment within seconds of pressing the power button.

This instrument has a feature set comparable to products of a much higher price, making it great value - and the price offered by Ampman Audio services is one of the most competitive.

The XL2 can perform -
RTA real time analysis, used for observing sound system and room acoustics.
FFT analysis, for visualising frequency spectra.
RT60, which measures reverberation time
Polarity check, used to check the balance of a system between left and right speakers.
Delay time, which is vital for setting up sound system delay lines.
RMS/THD measurement, comprehensive analysis of audio signal performance and distortion levels.
Oscilloscope view, a slick graphical view of the incoming signal over time.

There is also a USB port, allowing PC integration for data logging and transfer, and an integrated speaker for monitoring audio channels.

This product fulfils these international standards -
IEC 61672
IEC 60651
IEC 60804
DIN 15905-5
DIN 45657-1
SLV 2007
ANSI S1.43

If you wish to receive this as a bundle with a microphone included, please choose from the options above.
M2211 - General purpose microphone, with class 1 frequency response and metal diaphragm
M2215 -
Measurement microphone for high acoustic levels (up to 153 dB), with class 1 frequency response and metal diaphragm.
M4261 - Cost-effective class 2 measurement microphone for general sound level testing, commissioning and service of audio-acoustic installations.
The data sheet for all NTi microphones is available here.

The XL2 (and microphone) can be issued with an official NTi calibration certificate, if required. This is essential for complying with certain types of legislation.

Your XL2 will be valuable in a wide range of situations - including community noise, installed sound, industrial and live sound applications.

These goods are also available for B2B hire - for further details please send an email to to enquire about this.  


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NTi XL2 Sound Level Meter (with mic & certification options)

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