NTi EXEL Acoustic Test Set - XL2 & MR-PRO - M4261

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A complete pro-audio test set, in a sturdy carry case. This kit provides a complete toolkit to set-up, diagnose and optimise a sound reinforcement system.

Contains -
NTi M4261 Microphone
NTi EXEL Carry Case
ASD Cable
Mains Adapters

NTi MR-PRO - The ultimate pocket audio generator, capable of producing Sine wave, Pink Noise and White Noise. With its WAV file playback capability this instrument can produce virtually any audio signal down to 0.1Hz.
NTi XL2 - Fully featured sound level meter and acoustic analyzer from NTi.
NTi M4261 Microphone - Cost-effective class 2 measurement microphone for general sound level testing, commissioning and service of audio-acoustic installations. Full data sheet is available here.
ASD Cable - An extension cable used to mount the microphone away from the XL2. Can be daisy-chained to create longer extensions.

The equipment can be issued with official NTi calibration certificates, if required. Three certificates are supplied, one for each of the XL2, MR-PRO and M4261. This is essential for complying with certain public legislation. Please select "Calibration Certificate" above if you wish to receive this.

These goods are also available for hire - for further details please view the AAS NTI brochure and send an email to info@ampman.co.uk to enquire about this.


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Brand NTi
Code 600000401
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