NTi Digirator DR2

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A high-end digital audio signal generator from NTi. The DR2 is capable of outputting a wide range of digital signals through the AES3, S/PDIF, TOSLINK and ADAT outputs. Along with conventional mono test signals, this unit is capable of performing tests on Dolby and DTS surround systems.

The included test signals are - sine, pink noise, white noise, polarity, delay, chirp and sweep.

Every Digirator DR2 also has an internal clock generator, which can be synchronised to a variety of incoming signals using the XLR input.

It can also be used to measure delay between the outputted signals and the clock input.

The Digirator can be issued with an official NTi calibration certificate, if required. This is essential for complying with certain types of legislation. Please select "Calibration Certificate" above if you wish to receive this.

Suitable for broadcast, installed sound & home cinema applications. 

These goods are also available for hire - for further details please view the AAS NTI brochure and send an email to info@ampman.co.uk to enquire about this.


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Brand NTi
Code 600000320
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