NTi Digilyzer DL1

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A powerful digital audio analyzer from NTi. This is an indispensable tool for testing, configuring and troubleshooting digital audio interfaces. It supports virtually all digital audio formats, including ADAT, AES and SPDIF. Sound sources can be monitored using the built-in speaker, or through the 3.5mm jack output.

The DL1 is capable of analysing carrier signals, and has a data logging facility - so that changes in the signal can be monitored over time. The built-in scope and level monitoring functions are useful in monitoring incoming audio channels.

Additionally, this instrument is capable of measuring Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of a signal, using the THD+N mode.

Supported sample rates: 32-96kHz
Bit depth: up to 24-bit

The DL1 can be issued with an official NTi calibration certificate, if required. This is essential for complying with certain types of legislation. Please select "Calibration Certificate" above if you wish to receive this.

These goods are also available for hire - for further details please view the AAS NTI brochure and send an email to info@ampman.co.uk to enquire about this.


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Brand NTi
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