ICEpower 500ASP Amplifier Module

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ICEpower 500ASP amplifier module.

The ICEpower500ASP is a high quality audio power solution capable of generating 500W RMS output directly from selectable 115/230 volt mains. The ICEpower500ASP integrates the conventional power supply and amplifier into one highly compact and lightweight solution with state-of-the-art performance.

Applications include:
  • Active speakers and subwoofers
  • Installation audio products
  • High-end stereo and multi-channel amplifiers
For full range multi-way or multi-channel applications up to two additional ICEpower250A or ICEpower500A amplifiers may be powered from the DC-bus connector. The +/- 12 volt outputs of the ICEpower500ASP also provide general purpose auxilary supplies for external circuitry.

Used in the following RCF products -
TTL33A Mk1 & Mk2
TTL31A Mk2

Full data sheet available here -


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