ICEpower 1000A Amplifier Module

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ICEpower 1000A amplifier module.
This is a genuine item from ICEpower Denmark.
The ICEpower1000A is a general purpose amplifier solution. By using patented,state-of-the-art ICEpower® analogue technology, the ICEpower 1000A achieves extremely high fidelity in a compact package. The 3 kHz bandwidth and the ability to operate from a variety of power sources means the ICEpower 1000A can be used in: 
Active speakers and subwoofers 
A/V amplifiers/receivers 
Automotive amplifiers 
Musical instrument amplifiers 
Marine audio products 
Installation audio products

This is a Class D module. Power rating is 1000W.

Used for MF in -
RCF TTL11A-B (TTL11A bass module)

Full data sheet available here -


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Brand RCF
Code 22110290
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